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Ancient Tiryns

Ancient Tiryns, is located near about 20 minutes from Tolo, a historically significant archaeological site part of the Mycenaean civilization. This fortified city, which flourished during the Bronze Age, is renowned for its massive Cyclopean walls, constructed using enormous stones that give the impression that only the mythical Cyclopes could have built them. These impressive walls, with their intricate gateways and bastions, served both as a defensive structure and as a symbol of Tiryns’ power.

Tiryns played a vital role during the Mycenaean period, and like Mycenae, it is associated with legendary figures in Greek mythology, such as Hercules. Its prominence during this era is evident through its large palace complex, impressive architecture, and the rich artifacts discovered within its walls, including pottery and jewelry. The city’s strategic position along the trade routes of the time also contributed to its prosperity. Although the Mycenaean civilization eventually declined around 1100 BCE, Tiryns, like Mycenae, continues to be a significant archaeological site, offering valuable insights into the culture and history of this ancient civilization.